Tacoria. Where do I begin? I have been a fan of this place since I got to go have a taste test before they even opened. It’s a cute, little, BYOB, quick Mexican restaurant in the heart of Rutgers’ College Avenue campus. They have a small dining area, it’s very narrow inside, but a huge outdoor area that is great to enjoy in the summer.

I’ve tried most of their menu by now, and have figured out what’s good and what can be skipped. First of all, their steak is fantastic. You can tell that it’s high quality meat, and that you’re not eating garbage. I prefer the grilled chicken and the steak, but they have options like fried avocado, pork, and spicy pulled chicken.

Tacos: Garnished with sliced radish and lime, their tacos are the perfect size, and you even have the option to double the tortilla if you’re feeling extra hungry. Topped with cheese, sour cream, and shredded lettuce, you have the option to add guacamole for 50 cents extra per taco.

Quesadillas: Their quesadillas are great too, definitely worth getting if you’re feeling hungry. I like that they press them so the sides are crunchy. I usually go for the quesadilla, you get more for your money than the tacos.

Nacho Pie: Ok, so this is one thing I could actually do without from Tacoria. I don’t really like their chips, they’re too thick for my taste. Their nachos have carrots in them, which I’m not sure why, but it was kind of good. I like the fillings of the nachos just not really a fan of the chips..which is the most important part of nachos.


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