New York City

Burger Heaven


Wandering around hungry in New York City with a friend, I asked Siri where to go and she directed us to Burger Heaven. Yes, that is a real place. We found ourselves between 5th and Madison on 49th street. This place had an authentic 80’s diner kind of vibe. As we entered the fairly narrow entryway, there was a lunch counter bar area with shiny yellow surfaces and round, white, cushioned stools. Behind it were milkshake glasses meticulously lined on shelves and a myriad of old posters.

After exploring the menu options, I chose a Blue Cheese Burger. Blue cheese is my cheese of choice so unsurprisingly it seemed like the most logical and appetizing decision. My friend ordered a chili cheeseburger with extra cheddar. Our waiter was prompt and professional. Within 10 minutes, we were served.

My burger came on a toasted brioche bun with a bountiful amount of blue cheese oozing from all sides. It was grilled perfectly medium with just the right amount of pink in the middle. I topped it off with the appropriate additions: lettuce, tomato, and onions. This burger was definitely greasy and big enough to fulfill my craving.

I’m not quite sure how I managed to finish the fries but I did. They were wonderfully crispy on the outside but also soft on the inside. I definitely recommend this scrumptious eatery for anyone with a hankering for an amazing burger.


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