New York City

A Poem on Pizza- Angelo’s


Famished we were,
We spent all day in the park,
Our appetites were stirring,
We were hungry as sharks,

We ambled around,
North, South, East, and West,
Looking for food,
That Zagat’s deemed the best,

Hot dog stands, Starbucks, and Chipotles galore,
Every mainstream name,
Was nothing more than an eyesore,

We followed our noses,
A smell so delicious,
Brick oven pizza,
This aroma could not be fictitious,

To Angelo’s Pizza,
We stepped right in,
To the second floor we ascended,
We hoped for a win,

Our waiter was rude,
However we didn’t mind,
We were so hungry,
To this we were blind,

To start we had pizza,
So thinly crusted and cheesy,
Accented with basil,
It almost looked too easy,

For my main, Penne Vodka,
With bacon bits aplenty,
And Parmesan lightly sprinkled,
My stomach was far from empty,

Angelo’s Pizza,
Oh what a delight,
Never have I ever had such a delicious night.


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