New York City

Momofuku Milk Bar 

Okay so here’s another train I was late on hopping on- Momofuku. For those of you who don’t know, Momofuku is a chain with various “bars.” Noodle “bar,” milk “bar,” ssam “bar,” etc. Their milk bar is famous for desserts, including cakes, pies, cookies, shakes, and most famously, soft serve. They are notorious for their cereal milk soft serve, make with cornflakes, brown sugar, and salt, making it taste just like cereal milk.

I thought this was just okay. I was not a fan of the salt in the ice cream, it left a weird after taste in my mouth. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the cornflakes, either. They tasted a bit stale.

My brother and I shared the regular cereal milk soft serve and the fruity pebble soft serve, which I liked much better. It’s only $5 per soft serve, which is a steal for the city. The cups are small but it’s very filling.

The inside of the store is very cute, though. There was a lot to look at while wandering

Overall rating: 6/10


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